Windle Trust Kenya
  • Today in History

    In 1977,Hugh Austin Windle Pilkington sets up the Windle Charitable Trust in Kenya,today known as Windle Trust Kenya (WTK) mainly to support needy Kenyan students and also to assist refugees in the country

  • ICT in Dadaab & Kakuma schools

    WTK has adopted the use of ICT in education and currently works very closely with several partners including UNHCR,EU,Vodafone foundation and safaricom in the provision of ICT equipment and network in secondary schools within Dadaab and Kakuma.Read more...

  • Counrty Strategy

    A 5 year Country Strategy for WTK which describes our direction and plans in more detail, based on our achievements, our distinctive strengths and the opportunities and threats we face in our operating context.

  • KEEP keep girls in schools

    The Kenya Equity in Education Prorgam (KEEP) its mandate remain keeping girls in school in the marginalised parts of Kenya.Its implemented by WUSC/WTK in the refugee camps and host communities as well.

  • Change Life

    Get involved,your involvement will change someone`s life.You will enable a refugee child have an access to education thus trnsforming their livelihoods.For correspondence? We are here...

  • Language is a tool-ELP

    The need to promote coexistence within the camps and have a unifying common language amidst people from different linguistic backgrounds has been pivotal to this programme.